Pooper Scooper Service Cleans Up Knox Hills

Incoming military personnel won’t have to worry about moving into a home with a dirty yard now that Radcliff-based pooper scooper service PetCorps Professional Pet Care has agreed to keep Knox Hills doody-free.

Jason Smith, 34, started PetCorps in 2007 after reading an online article about pet business start up ideas.

“I remember reading, ‘you could be a professional pooper scooper,’ and a light just went off,” Smith recalls. “I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this myself since I used to scoop poop in the Army when I was a veterinary technician stationed at Fort Knox.”

Since his humble beginnings in 2007, Smith has been busy keeping residential yards in Hardin County, Kentucky poop-free and has continued to foster growth within his small business. Recently, Smith signed an agreement with Knox Hills LLC to provide one-time cleanings to vacant properties.

Knox Hills’ management noticed an ongoing problem with soldiers transferring to new duty locations while leaving a mess behind in their backyards.

“Basically, soldiers were leaving without picking up after their pets,” Smith explains. “This left a burden for Knox Hills’ staff to clean up the poop in time for showing properties to new residents.”

Now, Knox Hills will be able to focus more on taking care of their customers without the hassle of cleaning up dog poop.

Knox Hills will bill soldiers $40 in damages fees for failing to clean up after their pets before clearing the installation. Soldiers can avoid this fee by cleaning it up themselves or by contacting PetCorps direct for a One-Time Cleaning.

For more information on PetCorps, visit http://petcorps.net/cleanup.html.


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