PetCorps Celebrates Third Anniversary

After 3 years in business, PetCorps is restructuring itself and getting back to its roots by focusing on what it set out to do in 2007: to become the number one choice for dog waste removal service in Hardin County, Kentucky.

The business expanded rapidly in 2007-08 to include pet sitting and introduced dog walking services at the start of 2009. Unfortunately, due to the failing economy, the business discontinued these extra services to focus more on developing its niche in poop-scooping.

The effects of the economy on the business can be seen by looking at the company financials. At the end of 2009, the income was approximately $7,500, representing a 31.8% decline in income from the previous year.

“It was a difficult year for us,” said Jason Smith, 28, PetCorps’ founder. “Going forward, our plan is to focus on our strengths and in delivering exceptional service in order to stimulate growth.”

In 2009, many poop-scooping companies across the United States were closing their businesses due to the economy.

“I feel that we faced many challenges in 2009,” Smith said. “Nevertheless, we met those challenges head on and instead of quitting we’re still working hard to satisfy the needs of our customers.”

Going into the fourth year of business, Smith expects to see slow growth as the economy continues to recover.

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