ReALife LLC Adds Prepaid Subscriptions to its Offerings

Radcliff, KY – As of July 1, 2009, ReALife LLC will make available Prepaid Subscriptions to new and existing clients.

“The Prepaid Subscription will be required of all new subscribers,” explained Jason Smith, owner of Radcliff-based ReALife LLC, a professional poop-scooping company. “Along with the Prepaid Subscriptions comes new discounts.”

Smith is offering three prepaid subscription options for his clients. The first option, a three-month subscription offers an eight percent discount off regular prices. The six-month subscription offers a 12 percent discount, while the 12-month subscription offers an even higher discount of 15% off regular prices. Clients get to take advantage of these discounts when paying in full at the beginning of the service agreement.

In addition to the new prepaid subscriptions, new clients have the opportunity to lock in an even higher discount by enrolling in the VIP Discount Program.

“The VIP Discount replaces the prepaid subscription discounts because it is the highest discount,” Smith explained. The only catch to enrolling in the VIP Discount Program is the $20 enrollment fee.

“The enrollment fee works much like a membership fee a consumer would pay for a credit card or a bookstore membership,” Smith explained. “The customer can pay $20 up front and receive 20% off the regular price of service for one full year. Then, if the consumer chooses, he or she may renew his or her membership in the VIP Discount Program for $18 after the first year of membership.”

Clients who choose not to enroll in the VIP Discount Program will become ineligible for membership for one full year.

“Clients who show a solid payment history for at least one year will then be invited to join the VIP Discount Program,” Smith said.

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